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Everything you want to know about aliens is right here, from abduction stories to descriptions of various species including an UFO and an
Alien gallery containing lots of images. Contains some famous abduction stories and sightings.


In this section of our site you can find all sorts of mysteries, the human body and it's many secrets, the legendary dragons, Bermuda and a lot of other stories of mysterious events places, and creatures.

Mysterious Phenomena

"When the prophecies-within-prophecies are deciphered, the hidden timeline of World War III is revealed."

This book is based on newly discovered nostradamus manuscripts.
Both Shocking and intriguing.


Across the world the remains of ancient civilizations can be found, magnificient buildings and artwork were left behind by enormous
empires thousands of years ago many of their legends have remarkable resemblences, read all about them here.

Ancient tombstone

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Crop Formations

We've recently finished most of the crop circle pages. Visit the crop circle main page by click "go there" below to find out more about this amazing phenomenon. And the research done to unravel this mystery.

Crop circle found at KingsClere, England 1995 Kings Clere crop circle
Phenomenon Gallery

On this page you'll find links to all different galleries we've constructed so far. Most of the pictures on this site can be found here sorted out by subject.

Image galleries

Through the ages there have hundreds of different cults, some well known other obscure, some peacefull other preaching violence, this chapter is dedicated to providing as much information as possible on cults and sects from historical to modern movements.

Medieval cult

Learn more about these mysterious people who became quite famous by the things they predicted. Featuring: Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Rasputin, and more to come.

Phenomenon VIP

On this page you can find articles and biographies of some of the most notorious figures, studying the paranormal . Including pictures and downloadable movies.

Phenomenon VIPS

Through the centuries every civilization has developed it's own mythology, many of these ancient stories are based on even older tales passed on by generation to generation. Here you can find these myths sorted by culture.

Ra and mayan art
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David Icke

New material!! More than 20 new articles. This is the material David Icke wrote himself. In my opinion, this man is a great spokesman and he has gathered a lot of evidence that supports his theories.

Mask of Palenque

The mozaic mask of the Mayan king Pacal is as mysterious as it is beautiful. How did the Mayans produce a mask like this while it took us millenia to develop the technology to uncover it's secrets. This page is definitly worth a visit.

The mask of Palenque. Palenque's mask
Books Archive

Many authors have written even
more books about all the different subjects we try to include in our site, on the following page you can find biographiesof those authors and bookreports of their books, we've
tried to include as many front-cover pics as possible,

Cover of: Tombs, graves and mummies
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Deepak Chopra books

This american physician was brought up in India, a land of mysteries and wisdom. Maybe that's why his book gives us new insights in how the world really works. I loved reading many of his books.

See UFO images here !

Want to see UFO pictures from all over the world ?
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The UFO Gallery is still under construction, more pages will be adde soon, so don't forget to to check again later.

Do you have a plausible explanation
Alien Abductions

Dozens of people have claimed to be abducted by aliens over the last decades, but still most people
remain sceptic and consider them frauds, liars and lunatics. But if not abducted what happened to them and how come their stories are so similar. Is there a plausible explanation for the implants found in some of the victims and how do prevent being abducted. The answer to these and other questions can be found here. Also stories of some famous abductions like that of Travis Walton and Betty & Barney Hill.

T. West -The hive -

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Poster Store

Here you can find tons of posters covering a lot of subjects dealt with on this site ranging from futuristic dreamscapes to dragons and offcourse aliens and ufos. All poster can be purchased online.

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UFO movies

Have you ever seen a UFO hovering in the sky? Well, there are quite a few handy-cam people who claim they have seen a UFO and captured it on video. Take a look and decide for yourself.

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The mysterious continent of Atlantis has intrigued mankind for many centuries and there are many theories on the possible location of this legendary land.

Atlantis under the sea
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Strange disappearances of ships and airplanes are probably the most famous mysteries of Bermuda, other extraordinary stories report of UFO sightings. Strange lights and objects were also seen below the water surface.

The bermuda mystery
ADD Mystery OR Report

Do you wish to enrich the Phenomenon archive? Read all about it in the "ADD MYSTERY OR REPORT" Section. Also meant for sending us pictures of anything else that you think is relevant.

Do you have any mysteries Sherlock didn't unravel yet? Picture of Sherlok Holmes
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Loch Ness Monster?
The Nazca Lines

Huge works of art that can only be properly observed from above. Is this phenomenon indeed a landing strip for extra-terrestrial crafts? Erich von Daniken seems to think so. These lines are, to say the least, an enigmna.

Recently Finished

All Nostradamus quatrains indexed and added to the prophecies section.
World war 3 prediction?

Be your own judge.


Hundreds of articles have been writen on subjects we cover on our site. On this page you will be able to find an ever growing amount of these articles, divided by subject or author. We already have collected dozens of them and we will be adding more of them every week.


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