Hundreds of articles have been written by dozens of people, here you'll find some we've necountered on the net. These articles come from various sources.

David Icke

All articles in this section heve been written by the 'king of conspiracy', David Icke. Do you like theories on mind control, assassinations, secret societies, aliens , human history and things like that you should really read Ickes work. It's frightning to see the world through his eyes.


Read some articles on strange dissappereances in the Bermuda triangle. There are only a few there now but we'll ad some more in the near future.


Who hasn't heard of Atlantis, the mysterious sunken continent, but are the stories of this fabulous land perhaps more than old myths? More and more people started asking questions as all over the world ancient structures are found along coastlines under water. Why not read some articles and decide for yourself...


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