Erich von Daniken

Von Daniken's books have been translated in 28 languages (some of them), they've made two documentaries from his book (Chariots of the Gods and Messages of the Gods), he has given over 3000 lectures 1/6th of which at universities, and on top of that he travels about 100.000 miles each year. The Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association ( AAS RA) was founded by von Daniken in 1998. Today he lives in the small mountain village of Beatenberg, Switzerland about 40 miles from Berne. At he moment he is working together with two groups to build a fantastic theme park called "Mysteries of the world" ,
and if all goes well it will be opened in April of 2002.


Aliens and UFOs, do they really exist for many people that's no longer a question, they claim to be abducted or were convinced by mathematical formulas. Personally I think it's unlikely that we're alone in the universe, there is just to many evidence to suggest otherwise, abductions, sightings and the fact that the galaxy is so incredibly big.

Ancient Civilizations

History records many great civilizations that rose to power and vanished. But even more civilizations aren't mentioned in history yet. In this section you can find books on ancient civilizations but also on mythical kingdoms as Atlantis, could there be trhuth in some of the most fantastical stories found at archeological sites from all over the world. Search for answers in the past and discover yet more questions like was there really a great flood and where did ancient civilizations get some of their technology?

See also Erich von Daniken, Maurice Cotterell and Zecharia Sitchin

David Icke

My life was to change dramatically, in fact as dramatically as you could imagine, in the weeks that followed. I felt like a dam had burst within me and my consciousness was thrashing around trying to rebalance itself under the new circumstances. That took some two months to happen and in that time of enormous confusion, Truth Vibrations was launched and I went on national TV in the UK to be ridiculed beyond belief. For two years and more I could not walk down any street in Britain without being laughed at by most of the people. Comedians only had to mention my name and they got an immediate laugh.


In earlier days witches were burned alive because people thought they were the mistresses of satan and even in modern history some were sentenced to death because of ridiculous accusations. Many books have been written, books on white and black magick ,voodoo, wicca and various other kinds of spiritual or nature based witchcraft.

Maurice M. Cotterell

Cotterell starts from few fragments which weren't destroyed by Spanish "conquests", and give an interpretation about the Stone of Palenque. Goin' trough the outrageous mayan numeric system, and their practical applications like calender and astronomy, this book drives the reader to discover how Mayans was so scientifically and spiritually advanced. Applying mayan timing mode to modern sunspots observations, and the studies about the solar magnetic fields and its interactions with our planet, he gives an alternative key to redesign human development, myths and Astrology.


Here you can find bbokks on all sorts of mysteries happening on earth every day, like mysterious falling objects, coincedental events, spontanious human combustion and various other unexplained phenomena.

Loren Coleman

Loren Coleman is probably one of the most well-known cryptozoologists in the world. Where ever you go, who ever you talk to, his name always comes up.

Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia Sitchin's Earth Chronicles series is based on the premise that mythology is not physiologically based, psychologically metaphorical, or culturally allegorical but rather the repository of ancient memories, and that the Bible ought to be read as a historical scientific document. While the debate regarding the origins of myth is far from conclusive, and the dangers of assuming that the subjectivity of the reader/researcher will not intervene are obvious, Stitchin is an expert in ancient language and history.

Crop Circles

Allthough most people are now convinced that crop formations are a human creation, science still has some puzzeling questions, which eventually leads to the conclusion that at least some of them are of unknown origin!

Joshua David Stone

Dr. Stone creates a wonderful, spirit-led synopsis of how to understand the Spiritual structure of the universe, your part in it, and how to grow and prepare yourself for the upcoming evolution of our planet. He will give you many tools and exercises for you to use throughout your day that will help bring you levels of refinement quickly.

Deepak Chopra books

This american physisian was brought up in India, a land of mysteries and wisdom. Maybe that's why his book gives us new insights in how the world really works. I loved reading many of his books.

Reaching for Reality

An informative, wonderful, and chilling read - I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the CE4 phenomenon. This book gives the reader a good look at what it is like both to be an experiencer, and to be a therapist who works with experiencers. It has a lot of excellent insights for both. What I liked most was that Constance avoided interjecting her own views on the close encounter phenomenon. I also liked Constance's appendix material, including her example Ericksonian induction.



Alien rapture

just finished reading Alien Rapture-The Chosen by Edgar R. Fouche and Brad Steiger. I plan on reading it again soon. I happened to catch him on the radio a short time back and he was very articulate and has many credentials as it says in the book. So much interesting information woven into a great plot. I personally thought the story was extremely compelling--a page turner. I especially loathed and hated, something you need in a suspense, the character of Agabar. I think this book should appeal to anyone who is interested in the government conspiracy to cover up the UFO/contact phenomenon. If you're an avid reader in search of a really good story, try this one. Read all the reviews. Although, I really don't understand the minor few who didn't like the book. Sounded like they didn't even read it. Highly recommended.

Alien Encounters

This is the best (and one of the only) Christian treatise upon the dark and nightmarish occurrences of "alien" abduction that I have seen so far. Chuck Missler brings out some of the most satisfying arguments concerning the origin of these "aliens" as inter-dimensional spirits and not extra-terrestrial creatures, how they can manipulate matter and shape-shift - all to the end of their ultimate deception of the fallen children of Adam. Just as the Triune God has a plan of salvation for the human race so does the collective hoard of fallen angels have a plan - of deception - which has been slowly unfolding over many millennia and is only now coming to its final conclusion.



Fire in the sky

Travis had the misfortune to stand under an alien spaceship in the middle of the night and was contaminated by the anti-gravity force field of the ship. He was then taken aboard to receive a flush-out treatment, Hollywood later portrayed as a nightmarish experience. Correlated with what is known of the UfO phenomenom, there is no reason to doubt his experience. What I learned is that our alien brothers may not have complete control on where to land since they were unable to return him where they had picked him up. Incidents of this type are extremely rare and show how careful our visitors are not to be portrayed as invaders. A lesson in cosmic brotherhood is learned. As to why they come and visit us, this is altogether another story in need of a more profound inquiry before reaching any conclusion.