Books by Joshua David Stone

The Complete Ascension Manual

The following story of creation is quite an amazing, and often unbelievable story. I just want to qualify this chapter by saying that I didn't make any of this up myself. All of this information comes directly out of the universal mind channelings of Edgar Cayce, and other sources such as Djwhal Khul, Ruth Montogomery, The Tibetan Fonndation and other similar types of channelings. The amazing thing is that all these different sources tell a basically similar story, so I know that I am very much on the mark, although some of it may be quite surprising to some readers.

Soul Psychology

I found this book to be a great help in showing me the many pitfalls people take in their path to self mastery. Shown from a perspective of mastery, it clearly explains how one can avoid and see through trouble areas in one's life and reach the calm depths of inner peace. This is a book of transpersonal psychology. It will give you many tools and exercises for you to use throughout your day that will help bring you levels of refinement quickly.

Hidden Mysteries

An overview of history's secrets from mystery schools to ET contacts. Explores the unknown and suppressed aspects of Earth's past; reveals new information on the ET movement and secret teachings of the ancient Master schools.I was really impressing at the length and precision that went in to this book. I have always felt that there was more to be told then was originally stated. Stone, I feel gives an insight to the world we thought we knew. A look at how the people we hold in such high reguard are the ones who are conspiring against us.

Cosmic Ascension

Because of the extraordinary times in which we live, there is a new potentiality to begin one's cosmic ascension process, differentiated from planetary ascension. After completing planetary ascension, we are no more than one-tenth of the way up a ten-inch ruler in terms of our cosmic ascension process.

A beginners guide to the path...

I found this book lucid and without pretension. These authors have clearly done their 'homework'. A 'How To' book on the subject of Ascension clearly begs the question of the authors. I find their style engaging and in many ways reminiscent of Patton's ground-breaking work on "THE Autobiography of Jesus of Nazareth and the Missing Years" (I think that's the title) in which the author explains the 'How' of Jesus' own ascension. Both writers present highly controversial material that 'authorities' would decry and yet, the process of reading, leads one along a path that feels 'right'. If you allow the heart to judge (put head into neutral) this book will speak volumes that resonate as truth.

Golden Keys for Ascension and...

These 420 golden keys present the multitude of methods, techniques, affirmations, prayers and insights Dr. Stone has gleaned from his own background in psychology and life conditions and his thorough research of all the ancient and contemporary classics that speak of the path to God-realization. The teachings of Sai Baba and other ascended masters are at the core of these keys, and the author has also drawn upon various spiritual scriptures such as the Bhagavad-Gita and the Bible. Especially valuable are practical methods to support the ascension process.

Revelations of a Melchizedek Initiate

This book traces the author's journey of ascension through the seven levels of initiation, through the process of anchoring and activating his fifty chakras, expanding to a 99-percent light quotient, then on to anchoring and fully activating all twelve bodies, which include the twelve higher bodies. Exactly how this is done is shared, and in-depth information is given on the workings of the inner-plane ashram under the guidance of Djwhal Khul, Lord Maitreya and Lord Melchizedek.

The Ascended Masters light the..

Keys to spiritual mastery from those who achieved it. Lives and techniques of 40 of the world's greatest saints and spiritual beacons provide a blueprint for total self-realization. Guidance from those who mastered the secrets in their lifetimes. This is an excellent book covering the holy men of different religious and spiritual paths. Dr. Stone shows the similiarity and distinguishing nature of all these saints. Truly inspirational. I have read most of Dr. Stone's 16 books, they are very precise and enlightening and have proved very helpful in me discovering God.

Beyond Ascension .

How to complete the seven levels of initiation. Brings forth new channeled material that demystifies the 7 levels of initiation and how to attain them. It contains new information on how to open and anchor our 36 chakras.

How to teach Ascension classes.

This book serves as an ideal foundation for teaching ascension classes and doing workshops. The inner-plane ascended masters have guided Dr. Stone to put together this book, using his Easy-To-Read-Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path as it's foundation. Here you will find an entire one-to-two-year program of classes for teaching from one to hundreds of students. Teaching or setting up a class in your home to facilitate ascension realization is one of the most important services one could offer one's friends, students and family. With this book it is easy. Details on how to start and end every class are given, as well as outlines for 132 classes.

Ascension and Romantic...

Ascension and Romantic Relationships explores relationships from the perspective of the soul and monad rather than just the personality. It provides spiritually sound guidance and advice.

Soul Psychology: How to clear...

The words of Sai Baba, "God equals man minus ego," are echoed by Dr. Joshua David Stone in his seminal work, Soul Psychology. A veteran transpersonal psychologist and family counselor, Dr. Stone teaches us how our entire understanding of ourselves and others is completely changed when we integrate our soul into the way we live our lives. Based on eighteen years of Dr. Stone's practice, this book is not a psychological approach to spirituality. It is rather a spiritual approach to the psychology of everyday living.

Manual for Planetary Leadership.

Here at last is an indispensible book that lays out, in an orderly and clear fashion, the guidelines for leadership in the world and in ones' own life. All of the areas of our society and personal life that need discipline and leadership are pointed out. A firm foundation and guidance from a psychological and spiritual perspective are offered for change. The ascended masters are called upon for their wisdom and sometimes opinion on matters ranging from the political arcana to science and religion. This book serves as a refenence manual for moral and spiritual living and also offers a vision of a world where strong love and the highest aspirations of humanity triumph.

Your Ascension Mission.

This volume covers the basics of ascension clearly and completely, from the spiritual hierarchy to the angels and star beings, in Dr. Stone's easy-to-read style. From his background in psychology he offers a unique perspective on such issues as karma, the transcendence of the negative ego, the power of the spoken word and the psychology of ascension.