must confess, as I tramped through the stubbly wheat fields of Wiltshire, I forgot my pulsating corn and arthritic joints, in a euphoria of excitement, as I approached my first corn circle! With the eight other intrepid members of our group, I plodded purposefully, crunching the sun baked stubble, the concrete furrows threatening to break my ankles at every step! I was now appreciating that a cropies life (what a strange name!) is not an easy one!

The history of crop circles.

have been researching the Crop Circle phenomena since I saw my first one in 1976. I had been on a "night watch" for UFO's on Clay Hill in Warminster. Three separate orbs of approximately six feet in diameter of coloured light had been weaving around and above us for some three hours on the top of Clay Hill, merging at times into a single globe and then separating again above us. Suddenly one of the orbs descended to some thirty feet above us and then flew down into a field at the base of Clay Hill.

All roads lead to Wiltshire
1997 was a great year for Crop Circles, especially in the Wiltshire area. It is a long standing tradition for people to visit these amazing formations; last year has been no exception. Down To Earth have not missed any of it, all of us managing to get down to Wiltshire on and off at some time during  the season. After having heard about some early formations - like the formation at Barbury Castle, and the Tree of Life formation - who could resist reaching that lost haven?
Is this just happening in Wiltshire?
On the 15th of June two of my friends and I decided to take a trip to Wiltshire, this was mostly to take in and admire the local sights, and also on the off chance of seeing any U.F.O phenomena. After a few hours driving up the M4 motorway, we turned off at Hungerford, which then took us into Marlborough. Once we came to the outskirts of Marlborough, we arrived at West Kennet Long Barrow, which is opposite Silbury Hill.