The Corn Circle Conundrum
by David Quickenden of Astrasearch

I must confess, as I tramped through the stubbly wheat fields of Wiltshire, I forgot my pulsating corn and arthritic joints, in a euphoria of excitement, as I approached my first corn circle! With the eight other intrepid members of our group, I plodded purposefully, crunching the sun baked stubble, the concrete furrows threatening to break my ankles at every step! I was now appreciating that a cropies life (what a strange name!) is not an easy one! Like most of the fields, this particular one that was at the far end of the avenue of stones at Avebury, had already been harvested. I had already made a mental note to ensure we returned in 1996 well in advance of harvest time, for nothing can compare to the sight of a circle freshly formed in standing corn (I imagine). We had already oohed and aahed over the colour photos, shown to us by the pilots we met at the Barge Inn; but despite the flattened stalks, lying in their circular shapes in a field stripped bare, this was it! This was what I had come to see!

Like anyone else interested in this perplexing enigma, I had read most of the recognized books on the subject. Then I was given the infamous Round the Circles, published in 1993, and realized again that the strange desire and compulsion of our race to imitate and recreate a mystery to mislead others. One can see this regularly practised in many other areas of phenomena. Seances, spiritual healing, faith healing, metal bending, hypnosis, ghost photography and, yes, UFO photography! You name it, there are always those willing to jump on the bandwagon, usually for monetary gain, but often to satisfy their own fantasy and ego. In so doing, they jeopardize the efforts of serious investigation, as well as denigrating those who are totally genuine in the areas already mentioned. The sad consequence of this manic attempt to duplicate our ‘Universal Spiritual Wonders, merely discredits the paranormal phenomena itself. Thus, whatever message it might represent to psyche is lost, as it slowly becomes distorted in its man made form.

I have no qualms in submitting that any Ufologist worth his or her salt owes it to themselves to delve deep into the study of Corn Circles (not to mention Ley Lines!). There will be those who pour scorn on such advice, but there has been ample reports of UFOs in the same vicinity of some corn sites. Not just in this country, but in other parts of the world (check out Lindy Tucker's report North America in this summer's (1995) edition of the Cerealogist). Perhaps this association of the two phenomena is why some UFO enthusiasts, like myself, feel almost compelled to search out the latest circle formations. Happily, the cerealogist - can't stand cropy sounds like a by-product of an alien/hippie liaison – the cerealogist has a distinct and profound advantage over the Ufologist, namely that the beast in question can been seen, heard (remember the clicking sound) and touched. Hooray! It actually exists! Indisputably, there it is, as plain as the dimple on Mr. Major's chin! While the Ufologist, when questioning the elusive ball of light, the bright star which rips across the heavens at blinding speed, the dubious nuts and bolts photographs, the even more dubious Roswell film, and the whole pile of literal evidence is still left wondering if aliens are really visiting our planet. Is what is seen an alien spacecraft? How the hell do we know? How the hell will we ever know? Answer: When the spacecraft themselves, like the Corn Circles, are here on Earth where we can truly identify them for what they are. If the Mayans were correct, we won't have long to wait!

Meanwhile, the cerealogist has the upper hand. At least he or she can identify what they see, without any doubt that it might be anything else but what they hoped it would be a Corn Circle! But then we are faced with the ultimate question which comes into the diagnosis, because of maddening practices of that alien amongst us the circle faker (nearly spelt that wrongly!). Behold the CORN CIRCLE CONUNDRUM! Here is a phenomena which appears regularly throughout our springs and summers, in practically every county, as well as other countries across the globe, and we, the people for whom these strange signs are meant, cannot be sure that what we see is the phenomena itself or the dubious night's work of a man himself. I find it odd to say the least, that when we look at the Corn Circle and the UFO with the same questioning eyes. Is it man-made or is it what we would like it to be? Is the Gulf Breeze object (one of the most convincing films supporting the possibility of alien life I have seen) a representation of suppressed technology, i.e. man-made, or is it what we would like it to be a brief, but astonishing glimpse of alien spacecraft?

What a pity we have to rely on the like of Colin Andrews to determine if a circle is the genuine article. How much better it would be to know that the circles appearing in Wiltshire this year (nearly 50) were from the same source, even though we have yet to understand the source completely. If this were the case, then we could at least follow their patterns and have a better insight into their interpretations, confident that we were looking at a conforming sequence as it appears. The Doug Bowers, the Dave Chorleys, the John Lundbergs and Mickey Mouses will continue with their dastardly deeds. Such is the nature of man. But, we, with our higher thinking and increasing awareness of existence's beyond our dimension, will continue to savour the proven, genuine signs in the corn, and gain comfort from them as we approach the dawning of a new century. A dawning which may well herald a re-awakening of the truth behind these perplexing spirals, and the, as yet unknown force which creates them.

If there is one lesson to learn from the UFO/CIRCLE MYSTERY, it is this. It is one which none of us can afford to forget. We must have the patience to sift the chaff from the wheat before coming to and conclusion as to what we are looking at. The UFO remains as elusive as ever, and genuine corn circles almost as difficult to locate and identify. However, seek and ye shall find of that there is no doubt, and keep taking the tablets!