The History of Crop Circles


The first writen recording.

As far as we know the fisrt written recording of the crop circle phenomenon dates back to about 800 AD. The bishop of Lyon (France) expressed his suspicions about the local folk, he is convinced they were worshipping Satan because strange circles were being found in the crops regularly.

The harvesting Devil of Hartfordshire.

In 1678 someone records a quarrel between a rich farmer and man who would harvest his field. The man is said to have asked to much for his work and the farmer told him that he would rather see the devil mow his fields then to pay the man.
That night there was a bright light above the field which seemed to be on fire and the morning after a part from the field was mown circle shaped and done so precisely it could not have been done by man.
(see illustration below)


Crop formations evolved from simple circles at the beginning to beautiful geometric shapes which can be found today.
Through the years they've become more and more complex. Click "go there" to see a small compilation of images starting with the basic

It all started withThe basic crop circle.

Illustration from 1678: The harvesting Devil of Hartfordshire