Compilation of the different fases of the crop circle phenomenon

This is one of the basic crop circles as found in the early seventies, few years later the first formation was found in England containing five seperate circles in one field The so called "celtic cross". Many varieties of the cross like this one were reported in tne late eighties.
One of the first real pictograms found.
It dates back from 1990
The "mandelbrot fractall" was the first of the fractal formations. It was discovered on august 13th in 1991.
This formation called the scorpion appeared in 1994.
In 1991 the first creature like shapes were found and from there to 1994 they were relatively common.
In 1995 there were quite a few formations looking like solarsystems, this is of the most complex "solarsystems" found that year.
Like the original Julia set at Stonehenge this version was created in 1996. Three years later this beauty was discovered in the Eat Field of Alton Barnes, one of the first using very complex geometry.
This cube formation was found near Allington, England in 1998, in this year more cube formations were found The Escher cubes, taking it all to a different level in 1999. This formation was located at Avebury, England.
This formation was also discovered in 1999 Later in 1999 the " Crown" was found near Roundway, England.
This is truely a geometric masterpiece.