Hoaxes - The difference between real and hoax.-

Many people have claimed to be responible for at least some of the crop formations found around the world.
Most formations made by hoaxers are rather simplistic but a few were really made nicely.

The picture on the left is a proclaimed hoax.
While the one on the right is thought to be
real by many scientists.

Allmost all the hoaxers use the same method to create crop-circles, using a plank and pieces of rope,
which caused the grain stalks to snap. Some hoaxers also use stakes, which they use for creating perfect
circles. At the sites that researchers proclaimed to be real, no holes or stakes were found.



These two pictures are close-ups of crop circle centers, There is a clear difference between the hoax and the real circle, some differences are: Growth anomalies, recordings of light balls, alterations of the surrounding magnetic fields and intact crop versus broken strains.


The most famous hoax is probably done by
team satan. Which made two formations for
the BBC England in the summer of 1998.
And the formation for a car factory they did
later that summer.

These are the two formations made by team satan for the BBC, although they look nice they're certainly
no geometrical masterpieces.


This last one was done in daylight and wathched closely by crop- circle researchers from around the world.
After seeing the team in action, the researchers were less and less convinced that the team was
responsible for all of the crop formations the team members had claimed.

The difficulty level of the car they made was nothing compared to the sophisticated geometry of some of the astonishing formations found around the world.
Yet it took the team fourteen hours in daylight to create the car. So it seems rather unlikely that these people were responsible for making formations in less than half the time, at night. And although it looks good viewed upon from the sky, the ground work was, at best, rather sloppy. A lot of the grain was still standing up, or the strains were
broken off completely.


Team satan member