Atlantis is the most mysterious civilisation there ever was, did it
really exist and if so where then.
Visit the Atlantis page to learn more about different theories on where Atlantis should be located.

The Piri map showing the coastline of the south pole. Could it be? Click the map for larger version.


Find many books on ancient civilizations in the books section, read about the Sumerians, the Greek and many more great civilizations we've had in the past. Banner Exchange
Mayan culture
The mayan culture is really fascinating so many mysteries still remain and although some puzzles have been solved more and more questions come to mind, discover the hidden knowledge of the Mayas.

Inca culture
The Inca culture is one of the earliest civilizations found in South America. There isn't really much known about them yet except for the fact that
their ancient cities is their legacy
left to present mankind.

Sumerian culture
This civilization existed thousands
of years ago, this extraordinary culture was one of the first to use written language.

Aztec culture
The Aztecs roamed a territory in South-America feveral hundreds of years ago. Learn more about this facinating civilization by clicking below.

Egypt, Greece and Rome

This history is very useful to see both ancient Egypt and the Classical tradition separately and in tandem, making a fine study of the bridge between civilizations. Like acorns under a great oak tree, Greece and Rome resolve their beginnings in the field spawned by Egypt. This is a very usefully done work with excellent references and makes a good tool for the branching out into more specialized areas, without losing a picture of the whole.


The Keys to the Temple

Having read many books and theories on the pyramids, it was refreshing to read for once a book filled with actual FACTS, rather than an author's conjecture. I like to read this book as it contains many mathematical and geometrical FACTS and in such quantity that a reader is able to piece together their own theory. As it seems obvious that the pyramids contain much mathematics and geometry in their design it is good to read a book by an author very well versed in these subjects.

Artifacts of Ancient Civilizations

Imagine holding a Neanderthal stone tool or a lamp that lit the darkness of ancient Rome. Few people realize that such items can be bought often for less than $300. This only guide of its kind lists an array of inexpensive antiquities that were made in Europe and Western Asia before the fall of Rome or in pre-Columbian America. This Official guide is the key to uncovering affordable ancient treasures. Photos throughout .

The complete Idiot's guide

The complete idiot's guide to Lost Civilizations
If you want a good entertaining view of Archaeology, check this book out. Dr Ryan's sense of humor and immense knowledge that I experienced while taking a couple classes by him at a local college, really comes out in his book. He gives the same amount of attention to all the major civilizations and also delves into what some of us may consider "kooky" areas of archaeology without being critical. For someone that may be interested in becoming an Archaeologist he tells you what to expect and where to go for information. I didn't really think Central and South American archaeology was very interesting but after reading this book, I'm rethinking that opinion. Banner Exchange