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Knight Templars
These knights conquered Jeruzalem during the crusades. And through the ages gained enough wealth to build churches and other buildings that carry their secret mythical symbols.

An old drawing of the Knight templars.

An elite group that has members in the top of society, this group strives for global domination. They have people in the NATO, 80% of the media, The Bilderberg group in one of their corporate faces.

the Bilderberg group

As secret as the illuminati are, the actions of this group is always covered in mystery.

The founder, Prince Berhard from Holland.

Majestic 12

The group also know as The Majestic Twelve Operation, Majestic 12, Majic 12, MAJCOM or MJ-12 was created under an executive order on September 24th , 1947. The panel was empowered to review all available evidence and data collected by the government, military and intelligence agencies.

Teutonic Knights

The Teutonic Order was one of the three major knightly or military orders that originated and evolved during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. The Templars and Hospitallers are the other major orders.

Thule Society

In late 19th and early 20th century Germany and Austria there were many flourishing esoteric orders which sought to establish a reborn Germanic identity and to reconnect the volk with its repressed archetypes.
One of the most significant of these Orders was founded in Germany in 1912 - the German Order. From this sprang the Thule Society.