Abductions by aliens

Betty & Barney Hill

These are the first two people which came forward with their story, Betty and Barney Hill claim to have been abducted on September 20, 1961.
They were taken aboard a spaceship and examined by aliens with large heads and slanted black eyes.

Signs of Abductions
This page contains a list of similar signs reported by a large number of alleged abductees.

Travis Walton
The story of Travis Walton is unique among abduction stories because of the fact that it has been witnessed
by five induviduals. But like so
many other stories critics claim it's
a hoax, set up for publicity. Judge
for yourself.

Antonio Villas Boas
Read a fascinating story about a south-american farmer who might be the first ever to participate in an interstellar breeding program.

Herbert Schirmer
A 22 year old police officer named Herbert shirmer was driving when he saw a bright light in the sky. He did not remember the abduction immediately, only after being under hypnosis....

Hickson and Parker
Another classic abduction story, describing aliens with crablike hands. They were really shocked with what had happened to them. They passed a lie detector test and later only a few miles from this encounter, another abduction was reported.