Historical UFO sightings

10.000 BC

Niaux, France.
As far as human history goes back evidence of UFO sightings can be found drawn in caves by pre-historic man. Some of the most famous are found in Niaux where next to hunting scenes you can find drawings of men with 'glowing' golden helmets.

7.000 BC

Nepal -' the Lolladoff ' dish
On this astonishing discovery from Nepal is a disc shaped object (which looks a lot like a UFO) with standing next to it a small figure resembling a modern day alien called the 'Grey'.
Strangely enough this saucer is thousands of years old.

216 BC - 215 BC
Rome, Italy
According to the roman writer Julius Obsequens, there where things 'like ships in the sky, seen in Rome in 216 BC . The following year ( 215 BC) this 'ships' could be seen again.
200 BC

Mali - the species ' Nommo'
Members of the Dogon tribe in Mali claim that their culture is brought to them by an amfibian species called the Nommo and which came from the star system Sirius. Fact is that the Dogon tribe knows more about Sirius then is logicly explainable.

6 or 7 BC

Bethlehem, Israel
The star of Bethlehem is possibly a UFO! Many ufologists believe the star to be a UFO because of the strange movements of the object and analysis of the biblical texts does suspect that the star was an object which could stop and start and apperently was able to hover low above the place were Jesus was born.This sustains the theory that 'the star' actually was a manifestation of somesort of intelligence.

1235 AD

Kyoto, Japan
Possibly the first UFO investigation was performed near the Japanese city of Kyoto on the 24th of September 1235, general Yoritsume and his army witnessed strange lights in the sky for several hours. According to their researchers they were 'stars moving in the wind'.

1254 AD

St. Albans, England
This is a strange eyewitness account of Mathew of Paris who wrote something like this :" When the moon was eight days old, in the clear sky with sparkling stars, a ship appeared, it was big and gracious and had beautiful colours. "

1271 AD

Kamakura, Japan
A UFO appeared when the buddhist priest called Nischiren was sentenced to be decapitated at the 12th of Septemer 1271. Something appeared in the skies that resembled a full, bright moon and illuminated earth. People took it as a bad omen and the execution was cancelled.

1528 AD

Utrecht, The Netherlands
The writer Wolffhart wrote down during the occupation of Utrecht that something strange horrific was seen in the sky. Evidently, a large bourgondic cross appeared that was descibed as creepy.

1561 AD

Neurenberg, Germany
The locals of the olad german city of Neurenberg witnessed on the morning of the fourth of April a series of strange lights and arrow shaped objects that flew through the air at high speed. Needless to say they were terrified by the, in their eyes, bad omen.

1566 AD

Basel, Swiss
On the 7th of august 1566 many strange spheres were reported above the city of Basel. This phenomenon was probably caused by a king of atmospheric anomalie and not by a UFO. The mystery remains unsolved until present day.

1878 AD

Texas, United States of America
Allthough commonly thought otherwise, it wasn't Kenneth Arnold who first used the term 'flying saucer'. It actually was John Martin who used the term 70 years earlier to describe an object the size of an apple that grew larger until it stood directly over his head. Hovering there, the object looked more like a flying saucer.

1881 AD

Melbourne, Australia
On the eleventh of June, 1881, the princess of Wales saw, travelling on a ship from Melbourne to Sidney, a strange object which gloomed in mystery. The strange light was also seen by several crew members.

1883 AD

Marfa, Texas
Strange light were seen ever since 1883 AD above Marfa: balls of light that dance in the sky, changing shape and color.Sceptics claim the lights, that also appearing in other regions of Texas, als Bolt lightnings and reflected headlights from cars.

1891 AD

Crawfordsville, Indiana
Two men described seeing a monster without a head used fins for propulsion floating throurg the air.The object was about 6 meters in length and two and a half meters wide.

1896 AD

California, United States of America
The first reports in the first wave of reports claiming to have seen large flying objects in the skies actually came from California where eye witnesses described a large object with a dark mass hanging above a bright light.

1913 AD

Brasil to Canada
In 1913, light were seen during a period of serveral months. It was a group of red and orange lights that slowly drifted or moved from Canada to Brasil. The objects were derscibed as seemingly burning and travelled in formation. So far there is no explanation.

1930 AD

New Mexico
In 1930, Clyde tombough, the astronomer that discovered pluto, saw to his amazement six illucent elliptic objects in the sky. He had several simalar encounter, but decided not to go public because it could damage his professional credibility.

1942 AD

Newbiggin on sea, England
Albert Lancashire, professional soldier, kept watch at a radarbase located at the North sea coast when a light appeared in the skies, it appeared to be a beam from the edge of a round object. The beam hit his face and Lancashire thought he floated and fainted after that.

1946 AD

Yukon, Oklahoma, USA
Flying bath tubs. A merchant travelling through Yukon explained to have seen six strange objects in the air, they appeared to be the size of bath tubs and flew very high in aformation, with an incredible speed.

1947 AD

Richmond, Virginia, USA
Meteorologists followed a weatherballoon, using a theodolite, when they saw a large silver coloured disc with a large dome, that flew through the air. The object was larger then the balloon disappeared after 15 seconds. The report remains a mystery.

1947 AD

Manitou Springs, Colorado
On the nineteenth of May, somewhere between 12.15 PM and 1.15PM a silver coloured object was seen, which approached Manitou Springs. It remained motionless in the sky and then showed a remarkable series of aerial acrobatics, then it took of and vanished with a speed what no modern day craft can equal.

1947 AD

Washington DC, USA
This eyewitness account chronological matches the more known Kenneth Arnold case. Gold seeker Fred Johnson saw in the mountain range of Cascade, a strange reflection in the sky, he grabbed for his binoculars and saw 6 disc shaped objects that moved through the air silently.

1947 AD

Roswell, New Mexico, USA
The UFO that supposedly crashed on the McBrazel farm and from which bodies of extraterrestrial origin were captured / recovered, is a commonly known story and even now, still many discussions take place that focus on this subject. Many witnesses say that on that day they saw a large, red, glowing object.