The Legend of Atlantis

by Bob H.

We are currently living in the "end of time" and many people are now talking about the new millennium or Golden Age which follows our "end of time"

Everyone agrees that everything will be quite different during this Golden Age and that Christ consciousness will again prevail on this planet. But can we see that this will require and enormous change to occur within us as well?

As the time comes for these planetary changes to manifest, everyone will be able to exercise their choice of either accepting or rejecting these new environmental conditions. some will be so entrenched in the old ways that they will have no choice but to deny the very existence of their new surroundings. There are many famous past examples of people confronted with a totally new situation, who were completely unable to accept that they had heard or seen what actually transpired and so simply ignored the event.

For example, I am told that when they first fleet arrived in Botany Bay, the aborigines totally ignored it, because they had never seen anything like that before and could not make any connection with this event and their own reality. Perhaps something has happened in your own life, which your logical mind has simply denied as being possible?

How are we to prepare ourselves then, for these coming earth changes?

I suspect that everyone's preparation will have to be quite different and will need to be guided by their own intuition. Generally speaking, people with a Western background will still have a strong connection to the old Atlantean mindset. This also manifested later in Egypt. It strongly exercises the properties of duality, namely a strong will for domination of your surroundings in an eternal struggle of "good against evil".

It was in Atlantis that the concept of egoic separation from our source was born. By contrast, the descendants of the Lemurian civilization even today still do not act as if they were living in separation from their fellow human beings and god's world of all that is. The problem which we of the Western world have subsequently inherited was recognised by the Indian culture and recorded in Sanskrit writings some two thousand years ago. It is simply that the instant you consider yourself as a separate egoic entity, which is not totally connected to all that is, you will be subjected to great dilemma.

Since we in our western culture all tend to fit into the category of classifying ourselves as "separate", we will get a shock when the new Christ-consciousness arrives and suddenly people around you know how you are really feeling and actually know what is on your mind.

The Legend of Atlantis book and video series [see bottom of article] was designed to minimise the shock of the changes which will arrive for all of us on this planet and elsewhere. It is intended to give us the insight into understanding the mistakes made as a result of "egoic separation", starting way back in the days of Atlantis. It attempts to dissolve the classical divisive doctrine of "They are the evil ones and we are the righteous ones". No matter which side you were born into, this concept has been the basis of all human interaction since the days of Atlantis and is the very essence of what has created all our wars in the past.

The message is aimed at those born into the world of logic. I suspect that this is because they (we) are the ones who will have to make the greatest sacrifice. It is not given because you need to gather information in order to be able to plan and control. Its purpose is to prevent people from entering into a state of shock and denial, when these changes come. It is so that we will understand our past patterns and then be able to let go of the delusion of separation from God (or All that is).

Clearly I am not in a position to know the details of this new reality at the moment, but I believe that in the new world of Christ consciousness, we will be making everyday decisions which are intended to benefit the collective structure, not just our separate little egoic selves. There will not be the possibility of lying, because your neighbour will know what you are thinking. You may find it humorous at first to contemplate that, but the enormous consequences of living permanently under these conditions are difficult for us to comprehend fully at the moment, because we are not accustomed to such a human condition. History will not even need to be recorded, it will just be known - as it once was a long time ago. (The Druids, for example, saw no need to leave any physical record of the history).

I suspect that we all recognise the fact that at the moment we do not have access to the real truth about any single point in history. Our history has always been one of a struggle for domination and then the records were written by the victor. This does not leave us with an unbiased account of the past.

We know that in order to predict a mathematical progression for example, you must have at least three numbers in the series. In a similar vein, this message recognises the fact that in order to be able to move into the future in a sensible way, you must first come to grips with your past and your present. We must know the real truth about our past and our present, in order to be able to make sensible decisions about our future.

"The Legend of Atlantis" [see end of article] looks at the past role of black masters and the necessity for humanity to have experienced duality in our separation - ie. the notion that good and bad people exist. It explores the existence of other dimensional realms on our planet, such as Agartha and Shamballa. It was created sot that we can all move confidently and with understanding into the future which awaits us. The coming earth changes over which we as ordinary human beings appear to have no control are also discussed.

The coming Golden Age will not be achieved by you being taken up in a flying saucer, but only you "Being There". There will be no escape from the coming "Christ Consciousness". the prevailing physical conditions in our solar system will simply be such that in order to survive, humanity will literally have to evolve into a dimension of higher frequency. (See also Malachi, 4)

The good news is that we are receiving considerable help and those people who do not live in rejection of the incoming energies will succeed in making the required quantum jump in our human evolution.

There are those who have known for some time, what the future in this dimension holds and sought to escape it by all kinds of technological devices. They have created inhabited living environments within and without this planet, using the massive economic resources available to western governments. But no matter how we squirm, we will all simply have to accept the new consciousness reality. A simple case of "shape up or ship out".