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Greek Mythology

One of the best preserved mythologies, since written reports were passed on to modern times, gods as Zeus and Venus and Aphrodite.

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Egyptian Mythology

The history of egyption mythology was a neverending era of changes. As new governments were installed, new religions were tolerated to suit the goverments of these times long ago.

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Similarity in world wide mythology
When studied closely, the various civilizations that mankind had developed into, show same remarkeable similaties. For example: Quetzalcoatl, an Incan 'god' king, called himself the feathed snake, has name also reveals this. A young egyptian pharao called Tutenchamun, was also called 'the feathered snake'.

Roman Mythology

Most of Roman mythology is borrowed from other earlier civilizations. But there are also original stories like that of the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus.

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Mayan Mythology

The Mayas have a history in which their mythology played a important part, whole cities of temples arose because of ancient tales.

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Inca Mythology

We know little about this people, there are a lot of mysteries surrounding this mountain civilization. How where they able to make calenders so accurate that only modern day computers can duplicate their accomplishment, is there some truth in the mythology of their ancient gods?

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Aztec Mythology


Journey to the West

The Journey to the West has remained of the most popular and enduring works of fiction in China since it was first published in the late sixteenth century. It is an allegory of Buddhist doctrine, based on the real life pilgrimage of Tripitaka, a Chinese monk who traveled to India in search of religions scripture in (I believe) the seventh century. The very descriptive text contains some of the most astoundingly beautiful poetic passages I have ever encountered. Footnotes contain references to everthing from historical notes to daily customs of the period. This set of books is among the most treasured in my library.


Greek Gods and Heroes

Venerable writer Robert Graves re-tells the most memorable Greek myths in a fun loving style that will entertain children and adults. Graves' narrator voice is sometimes amused, sometimes gently chiding as he describes the adventures of Hercules, the saga of Pandora and her unfortunate box, Midas' tragic touch and Narcissus' self obsession. He also examines the roles and relationships of the twelve Olympians themselves. This is not a dry textbook style treatment of mythology, but a wonderfully absorbing bunch of yarns that can be read over and over to elementary school children; it will also be a useful reference down the road, when young children become older students. These are great stories, beautifully told.


Women Who Run With The Wolves

I found this to be an intelligent, accessible book geared toward women. The author uses age-old stories to help the reader understand her life, her heart and her soul better. It is in no way a book against men. It does not encourage irresponsibility or the development of a feral personality. It does encourage women to look inside themselves, to bring out the creativity and emotion within. The book does encourage women to respect and take care of themselves. It is a book, to be slowly read, about healing the soul.




Edith Hamilton loved the ancient Western myths with a passion--and this classic compendium is her tribute. "The tales of Greek mythology do not throw any clear light upon what early mankind was like," Hamilton explains in her introduction. "They do throw an abundance of light upon what early Greeks were like--a matter, it would seem, of more importance to us, who are their descendents intellectually, artistically, and politically. Nothing we learn about them is alien to ourselves." Fans of Greek mythology will find all the great stories and characters here--Perseus, Hercules, and Odysseus--each discussed in generous detail by the voice of an impressively knowledgeable and engaging (with occasional lapses) narrator. This is also an excellent primer for middle- and high-school students who are studying ancient Greek and Roman culture and literature. Banner Exchange