Candle Magic

Find out what candles you can use during rituals, or the best candles to burn at any time of year.



An extensive list of herbs and other plants and their magical properties.
Sorted by alphabetical order.


For fertility and love
How to cast a circle

Need to perform some magic rituals? Then please do so in a safe way. Here is a list of pointers that will give you a headstart.


Witch standing in a magic circle
History of the runes

The rune language is probably one of the oldest written languages known to man. The ancient Phoenicians developed this written language to communicate in their vast empire.


The ancient rune signs
Wicca Books

Many books can be found here for beginning or more experienced witches from casting circles to books on herbs, casting spells and full moon rituals.
This is definitly worth a visit if you are looking for books on Witchcraft.

Moon phase

Check the current moon phase below.


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