Nostradamus is one of the most famous prophets since the middle ages, many of his prophecies came true, and some of them are possibly about to occur in the near future.

The prophet Michel de Nostradame, born on the 15th of December 1503.


Dirty swearing bum to some, angel of mercy to others, these others happened to be the russian royal family, so his name needs little explanation when spoken of.

Edgar Cayce

Since his early youth, Edgar Cayce presented some supernatural capabilities, but the one that made him most famous was that he could determine the cure for illnesses of thousands of people, while being in a state of altered consciousness.

The Bible Code

The thora seems to have the entire history and future hidden for the world for thousands of years. Few people ever derived much useful information, or the information was simply rejected as being impossible. But since the computer is created, being capable of doing millions of calcutions per second, this mathematical certainty is slowly being accepted by society.

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